Just starting out...

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Steven Korvin
·Jul 8, 2021·

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While I worked on the Ethical Hacking project using C++ with my school one year ago, I haven't done any coding work since then. Last summer was very overwhelming and I'm proud to have accomplished what I've accomplished.

The classroom isn't at all the greatest learning environment for me. I've been referred to as "a self-learner," but I've been feeling overwhelmed with all of the resources out there, including my subscription to O'Reilly Media through my school.

I've found a coding mentor through MentorCruise and I'm very excited to start learning with her on Friday! She's well-versed in Python and computer vision, specifically, deep learning. Together, we've set a goal to get a project up on GitHub by August 5th. I'm excited, humbled, and honored!

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