Testing Crossposting Between Hashnode and Dev.to

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Steven Korvin
·Jul 16, 2021·

1 min read

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Hello! I had settled on using Hashnode because I could use my personal domain with it, but why not post to Dev.to if I'm able to, right? I don't like Medium because when I open it, it shows me everything that I don't want to see. It is a very overwhelming platform for me.

If all goes well, this article will be posted on my Hashnode and Dev.to blogs!

Thank you so much for the wonderful CLI tool, Shahed Nasser!

Edit: It did not work. A GitHub issue has been opened with this exact problem.

I will now attempt to crosspost from Dev.to to Hashnode. If that will work, then my first place of posting will be Dev.to until this is fixed. I do not have to the skills to aid in fixing this bug. Thank you so much once again, Shahed Nasser!

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